The Next Big Idea

Are you looking for the “Next Big Idea”? So are we!

Welcome to NetworkCEO. Our organization is comprised of individuals who have an established track record of success in the business world.  Our ranks include Sole Proprietors, Business Partners, Corporate CEO’s, and Entrepreneurs who share a common trait of “The Drive to Succeed”. Our members are not only committed to their own success but to the success of those individuals that are around them. As an organization, we have come together to identify and promote what we define as the “Next Big Idea”.

“Next Big Idea” Project Phases

In any corporate project, there exists a series of phases that are defined to assist in the successful implementation of that project.  For the “Next Big Idea” project, we have taken the same approach and defined our project phases as;

  • Discovery Phase – in this phase it is the goal of the team to identify, define and research the potential “Ideas”
  • Definition Phase – in this phase the potential “ideas” are analyzed and a selection of the one “Idea” for the project is made
  • Implementation Phase– this phase consists of the steps that are required to implement the “idea”. The steps of the implementation phase include;
    • Organize the Team – gather together the individuals that will comprise the team to carry the “Idea” forward through each of the remaining steps
    • Define the Marketing – utilize the “Idea” and the team to define the approach to be utilized for the marketing of the “Idea”
    • Promote the “Idea” – promote, promote, promote. This step gets the word out about the “Idea” using the methods defined during the Marketing step
  • Maintenance Phase – in this phase the “Idea” has been established and is now a generally accepted concept

Which Phase are we in?

If you are a leader then you have come to the NetworkCEO website at the right time! We are just now embarking on the Discovery Phase of the “Next Big Idea”.

We need leaders with a vision, we need leaders that are not afraid to take a chance, we need leaders that can assist us in defining the “Next Big Idea”, and we need leaders that can get us through the upcoming phases of our “Next Big Idea” project.

The “Next Big Idea” will be HUGE!

Business opportunities arise every day. As a leader, it’s your decision as to which opportunities you get involved in and at what phase or “Stage of the Game”.  Remember, it’s that one “Next Big Idea” that could be a Huge Opportunity for you.

We have already identified a few potentially “Game Changing Ideas”. Now it’s your decision, are you ready to get involved?


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